Frequently Asked Questions

Which room is the hardest?

Happy Hour is a bit unusual as it's subversive and tends to be harder for experienced escape room players who come in with certain expectations. It has a higher success rate with new players than experienced players! There is about a 40% success rate overall.

How many people are allowed in the rooms?

We allow up to 8 people per room. Excalibur is the most spacious of the rooms and the best selection for large groups.

Can we take pictures in the rooms? 

We don't allow phones in our rooms and you can't take any photos or videos while playing, but we do encourage you take a staged photo in your favorite spot afterwards! 

Can we bring our small child into the room with us? 

Yes, children under 8 are welcome without paying for an additional seat. 

What happens if we run out of time?

We want you to complete the rooms.  During times when there isn't anyone scheduled immediately after you, we try to give you the extra time you need to escape. 

Am I really going to be trapped in a room?

No, you aren't really stuck or trapped anywhere. The door you enter through will always remain unlocked, and you'll be able to leave freely for any reason at any time. 

Do we have to do an escape room to enjoy the bar?

Not at all! We would love to have you come play our video games or board games!